Introducing Sierra Snow

Born Dec 16 at 9:10am.  8lbs 8oz.  There is nothing more precious than a new baby.  Sierra is our 5th child and our 4th consecutive girl!  Is it wrong if I secretly hope she is a Tom Boy? To be honest, I don’t care I just hope she continues to be a happy baby and is sweet and goes easy on me.IMG_1520

So far, she has been very pleasant.  She is very alert and curious about her surroundings.  We’re just happy to have a healthy baby.IMG_1530

The kids were very excited to meet their new baby sister.IMG_1536

Grandma came to watch the kids while I stayed with Sarah at the hospital.IMG_1540

Since it has been 3 years since our last child was born, the dynamics are quite a bit different.  Everyone is very aware of the impact of having a new baby and they have all been very good helpers and love every chance they get to hold the baby.IMG_1543


Jackson is a pro at having little sisters.  His saving grace is that he has several boy cousins his age to play with all the time.IMG_1547

I can’t believe we have 5 kids.  5! Kids!IMG_1550
IMG_1555 IMG_1556 IMG_1559 IMG_1560 IMG_1561