Family Chalk War

2014-10-122Tonight for FHE we tested out the chalk balls that Sarah made for her mutual activity on Wednesday.  She made some homemade chalk and loaded it into socks and stockings and tied into balls.  We made teams. Me, Lacey and Autumn vs Sarah, Jackson and Rachelle.IMG_9772

I’m not sure who won but I do know I lost.  I think was just the biggest and slowest target.IMG_9774

Summer Fun!

It was a fun day today at swim lessons – it was raining a little bit, which was great! We’ll take rain any day here! We started swim lessons on Monday. After the first 3 days, I am thoroughly impressed! Little Lacey has learned how to close her mouth to go under water, then flip over and float by herself on her back, and also to reach for the wall and monkey walk over to the step. Pretty impressive! We’ve got about 5 days left and its great to see the progress she’s already made. She hardly cries – every time when she gets out it seems like she’s pretty proud of the work she’s just done and what she’s learning. I think Geri is a baby whisperer… She’s the best!

Monkey walks to the step to get out
Jackson is a pro. He can move around the water, but is definitely improving his kicks and arms. He hates floating, so they’ve been working on that too. He loves swim lessons! What a good boy!
Jackson can’t get enough of the water!
Last weekend Jackson got to go to his first Father’s and Sons! What a blast! He came home as dirty as ever and just wanted to hang out with Dad the rest of the weekend. He was so happy to go sleep in a tent with Dad!
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Halloween Fun

Last week for Family Night we thought it would be fun to get some decorations up. We decided that we would make a couple of scarecrows to sit by our front door. It was fun for Micah and I but Jackson and Lacey LOVED it! We saved some newspapers from the few days before and Jackson crumpled a piece at a time and threw them on the floor around Lacey.
Every time a piece of crumpled newspaper came flying Lacey’s way she would laugh uncontrollably which set Jackson off too. They were really enjoying each other.

Here is our final product.

The other day Jackson went to get the mail with me and there was a little town newspaper on the driveway… He picked it up, removed the rubber band while he was running inside, and started taking the newspaper apart piece by piece and crumpling each page! He was so proud of himself and was missing Lacey’s laughter (she was napping) … he asked if he could go wake her up and was so sad when I told him she needed rest and he needed to clean up the mess he just made! What a mean mom!

FHE at the Temple

We decided to take Jackson to see the Mesa Temple tonight for FHE. We wanted to make sure and see the Reflections of Christ display at the visitor’s center before it ends next week. Jackson had fun and liked seeing all the Jesus pictures and statues. It’s amazing how well little kids can recognize Christ at such a young age.