Autumn’s 3rd Birthday

Autumn has been asking constantly in the past few weeks, “Mom, Am I 3?” Each time the answer was, “Not yet, but really soon!” She was so happy when the day finally came. I can’t believe Autumn is 3! She acts like she’s 15 – She has all the answers to everything and is VERY independent, but its hard to believe its been 3 years since I held my darling, tiny Autumn in my arms.

In the past few weeks we’ve noticed she really likes owls so we decided to make an owl cake for her birthday. She loved it but was not quite as obsessed with it as she was her bear cake from last year. We must have watched the bear cake video a million times for her :)


Autumn is a sweetheart – She loves to cuddle and give kisses, she is the first to help me carry in groceries, clean up when I ask, pick up when she sees a mess, get herself ready, put her shoes on herself, and help however she can. She is fun and funny and loves to laugh. She plays hard and works hard. She is very determined and persistent, she stands up for herself and others, and WILL get what she wants, but these same qualities that make her so amazing frustrate her too-  she has her own ideas and easily gets upset when things don’t work out how she wants or if people don’t do what she wants, which is frustrating for all of us. You know that saying, “When mom ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” for us its, “When Autumn ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” I’ve never seen such love and such determined tantrums. I’m sure she’ll grow out of the worst of this, right? She favors Mom and takes time to warm up to most people, especially men. She started hating nursery in the past few weeks, she is potty trained when she wants to be but usually chooses not to be. She loves to play games – hide n seek, uno, go fish, old maid, memory. She loves to read and look at books. She is quite a nut!

Autumn LOVED her birthday. I didn’t even have to do anything all that special to make it great – she just knew it was her special day. At one point, she was afraid Micah was going to make her do something she didn’t want to, and yelled out, “Don’t make the birthday girl do that!”  She is very funny and loves to laugh. She’s come up with some of the funniest things lately. We were at Walmart not too long ago, and I let her walk instead of ride in the basket. Normally she walks right next to me or hangs onto the cart, but this time she got behind me a little bit. In the sweetest little voice she says, ” Mom… why is your bum looking at me?” then laughed about how funny it sounded. She says stuff like that all the time – I really need to start writing all these things down.  IMG_1370-001

These girls are the best and worst of friends. They are together All the time, so there are bound to be some disagreements. Sometimes Chelle needs her space and Autumn just wants to be with her, which causes problems. Sometimes they just don’t like the other’s ideas, but most often they work and play together. Its fun to have these little friends so close to each other.  IMG_1375-001


IMG_1380-001I love these little bright brown eyes. This is the perfect picture of her.