New Job

Many of you have heard I got a new job. I thought I would share a little about it. The hiring company is L-3 Communications and the team I am working with is located on a former Air Force Base which is now Mesa-Gateway Airport. Across from the airport is a Fighter Pilot Training Research Facility where three companies (L-3, Boeing and Lockheed Martin) share a defense contract with the Air Force. I had interviewed for one job that involved research for using the Wii and other video games to create training for Allies. That sounded fun but I didn’t get the job. I didn’t match the skill set but they liked me so they called me back for another position. The interview went well but months passed and I still hadn’t heard. I pestered them as much as I could without being too much of a pest. It must have been the right amount because out of the blue last week I got an email asking if I was still available. I’m almost always available. Especially if it means less of a commute and working on something interesting.

My goal is to break a record and stay at this job for at least 2 years. I used to think it was the jobs and the companies that were the problem but I’m starting to wonder if I’m the problem. Honestly, I like to learn new things and the thought of doing the same thing year after year scares me. A younger co-worker wanted me to write him a recommendation on LinkedIn and so I did and he was surprised to see so many recommendations on my profile as well as jobs. He said something like, “You’ve had 3 jobs in 3 years?” By the way he said it, I felt like I had to explain myself to him. I resisted correcting him by stating that with this new job it would make 5 in three years. That does sound pretty bad. I can justify each change in my mind but if I keep this up it will probably get harder and harder to explain to interviewers. My strategy is to not disclose every job on my resume and that has seemed to work just fine. What if I built a resume with every job?
  1. Building large graphic laminators at Axiom Graphics
  2. McDonald’s Cashier
  3. Recycling Plant Laborer
  4. Crop Dusting – Loading planes with fertilizer and pesticides
  5. Roof Inspector
  6. Demolition and Asbestos Removal
  7. Landscaping
  8. Carpet Cleaning
  9. Dish Washer
  10. Teaching Assistant
  11. Research Assistant
  12. Computer Engineering Intern at Intel
  13. Software QA Manager at WiLife (now Logitech)
  14. Webmaster/Online Sales and Marketing at WiLife
  15. Software Engineer for Video Game Startup
  16. Software Quality Engineer for University of Phoenix
  17. Software Engineer at L-3 Communication
I think that’s all of them. 17 official jobs where I was on payroll. Let’s do the math. 17 jobs in 9 years (not including 2 year mission). Makes it about 6 months per job! I’ve had a lot of bosses and coworkers, a wide variety of work environments and interesting stories with most of the jobs I’ve had. Like the time I got cussed out by a crop duster when I splashed a few drops of fuel on his windshield. Boy, was he ever mad. I’ve had hundreds of interviews. Believe it or not, I haven’t accepted every job offer given to me. Amazing, I know! Just in the past 3 years I’ve turned down at least 3 job offers. I need to write a book. “How to get a job in 10 days” … or “How to lose a job in 10 days”. I’ve never been fired. I did get sent home once from the asbestos job and I thought I was fired but ended up staying. I don’t have any regrets and I look forward to the new experiences to come.

First Day Impressions

Everybody is sure to ask, “How do you like your new job?”. I’ll try and answer that here for those who care to know but may not have the opportunity to ask.

My new job is much much different then my previous job. I’m technically doing similar work but hardly.

The Commute
This is the first major difference. Before it took me 10 minutes max to get to work or 15 minutes if I rode my bike. Now it takes me no less than 30 minutes which is still way better most of the jobs I was applying for. It hasn’t been too bad yet. No bumper to bumper deadlocks the first two days.

This probably the biggest difference. Cheyenne Mountain, being a video game developer, was obviously more laid back. I forgot how stale big corporation can be. YouTube and most popular websites are blocked and I can’t even listen to the radio online (music helps me make through the day and block out office conversations). Everyone I’ve met here has been very kind and I think it will be a good work environment but it will definitely take some getting used to.

This is probably the biggest upside to the new job. I’m only a contract employee for the first 4-6 months but once I become a permanent employee I will be able to work on an MBA and I believe they will cover most or all of the cost. One other thing I might take advantage of is the gym downstairs. The gym is just part of the office complex and not tied to my company but it is only $25/month and they provide fitness plans and I could just take 30 minutes during my lunch to workout, shower and get back to work in the same building.

New Job

We’re excited that Micah got an offer today from University of Phoenix. The big first day will be Tuesday!
Micah is also still working at his own business,, building and marketing websites for small businesses (its going pretty well so far); so if you know anyone who is looking for someone to make a nice, inexpensive website for their business send them our way!

Busy busy busy


Tuesday 12/18: Got a job offer with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. We put our house up for sale.

Wednesday 12/19: Sarah and Jackson fly to AZ for a friends wedding and Christmas. I quit my current job, which, due to holidays and timing, means I’m unemployed until January 7th. Sarah also went to see a home in Arizona near her sister and aunt. The home isn’t even on the market yet.

Thursday 12/20: Sarah looks at 8 other homes with a realtor including this one which we think is great. Meanwhile, I prep our home to be shown to our first buyer.

Friday 12/21: I fly to AZ for Christmas. First potential buyer views our home.

Saturday 12/22: Together we visit several more homes including Sarah’s top two above.

Sunday 12/23: We go to Sacrament Meeting at the ward of one of the homes we liked. The top two homes are in the same stake and meet in the same building.

Monday – Christmas Eve Festivities
Tuesday – Christmas and Fly back to Utah.
Wednesday – Today we are ready to make an offer on the first house Sarah saw. We keep you posted as the home buying process progresses.