Autumn’s 3rd Birthday

Autumn has been asking constantly in the past few weeks, “Mom, Am I 3?” Each time the answer was, “Not yet, but really soon!” She was so happy when the day finally came. I can’t believe Autumn is 3! She acts like she’s 15 – She has all the answers to everything and is VERY independent, but its hard to believe its been 3 years since I held my darling, tiny Autumn in my arms.

In the past few weeks we’ve noticed she really likes owls so we decided to make an owl cake for her birthday. She loved it but was not quite as obsessed with it as she was her bear cake from last year. We must have watched the bear cake video a million times for her :)


Autumn is a sweetheart – She loves to cuddle and give kisses, she is the first to help me carry in groceries, clean up when I ask, pick up when she sees a mess, get herself ready, put her shoes on herself, and help however she can. She is fun and funny and loves to laugh. She plays hard and works hard. She is very determined and persistent, she stands up for herself and others, and WILL get what she wants, but these same qualities that make her so amazing frustrate her too-  she has her own ideas and easily gets upset when things don’t work out how she wants or if people don’t do what she wants, which is frustrating for all of us. You know that saying, “When mom ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” for us its, “When Autumn ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” I’ve never seen such love and such determined tantrums. I’m sure she’ll grow out of the worst of this, right? She favors Mom and takes time to warm up to most people, especially men. She started hating nursery in the past few weeks, she is potty trained when she wants to be but usually chooses not to be. She loves to play games – hide n seek, uno, go fish, old maid, memory. She loves to read and look at books. She is quite a nut!

Autumn LOVED her birthday. I didn’t even have to do anything all that special to make it great – she just knew it was her special day. At one point, she was afraid Micah was going to make her do something she didn’t want to, and yelled out, “Don’t make the birthday girl do that!”  She is very funny and loves to laugh. She’s come up with some of the funniest things lately. We were at Walmart not too long ago, and I let her walk instead of ride in the basket. Normally she walks right next to me or hangs onto the cart, but this time she got behind me a little bit. In the sweetest little voice she says, ” Mom… why is your bum looking at me?” then laughed about how funny it sounded. She says stuff like that all the time – I really need to start writing all these things down.  IMG_1370-001

These girls are the best and worst of friends. They are together All the time, so there are bound to be some disagreements. Sometimes Chelle needs her space and Autumn just wants to be with her, which causes problems. Sometimes they just don’t like the other’s ideas, but most often they work and play together. Its fun to have these little friends so close to each other.  IMG_1375-001


IMG_1380-001I love these little bright brown eyes. This is the perfect picture of her.

Back to School and Micah’s Birthday Surprise

Summer break always ends too fast! Come on – we are going back to school way too early in August. We were all excited for the meet the teacher night. Jackson is in second grade and has Mrs. Long. Lacey is in Kindergarten and has Mrs. Carpenter. That was a fun night, but reality sets in about a week after school starts and although school creates a simple regimen to life, I’m still not convinced that I like it. I know, I’ve been fighting this battle since I was 5 :) Jackson seems happy and is doing very well in his class this year. Lacey is doing fine, but doesn’t want to go most days. She has become pretty attached to me, which is sweet, but hard for school every day. I love that she is in half day this year. I’m grateful this is still an option here. Usually sports would have started about this same time but because we were trying to cut back a little with Micah starting his own business and we needed a little break from the busy-ness of life, we decided to only do “Let’s Play Music” classes for this semester for Jackson, Lacey, and Rachelle. It has been heaven! I love watching Jackson play sports and to give all my kids opportunities to learn new things, but really when you get home from school at 4:00, do homework, maybe have a few minutes to play, dinner, baths, bedtime comes quickly! So this has been a positive thing for us to take a break from extras this semester, with very few complaints.

For Micah’s birthday, I was feeling like we needed a quick get away. Neither of us had been sleeping very well and I thought a night away would be good. It was! Thanks to Steve, Krista, and Lincoln for taking everyone for the night! I felt especially bad about it after I found out that Krista was having morning sickness! Poor thing. Thank you so much for letting us get away for a night! So I booked us a hotel in Scottsdale, worked out babysitters, and I was sure Micah was on to me. I’ve NEVER been able to surprise him with anything. He would rather have the thrill of figuring out what I’m getting for him than be ‘surprised.’ Anyway, I was trying to decide how to let the kids in on the secret, so they understood with out them telling Micah. The night before I think I let Jackson in on the secret and I think I let Lacey know the day of. Of course she was blabbing about it the second I told her, but she said all the wrong things and Micah didn’t understand what she was talking about. I slyly packed our bag, and finally about 30 minutes before Krista and Steve came over I let Lacey tell the secret! Micah was totally confused! It was funny to see his reaction. We had a relaxing night and came back refreshed! We made a fun b-day cake for Micah’s birthday and celebrated with the kids later that night. Happy Birthday – we’re getting old!

Birthday Month

Another month (or so) has come and gone… and of course my blogging has been non-existent! So here we go again… another marathon post of all that we’ve been up to… and it feels like its been a lot!

My Birthday

Micah and the kids and family spoiled me this year, as they do each year for my birthday. I felt so loved. I talked Micah into coming to my 5:15 AM spin class for my birthday ride – it was fun/funny and we had a great time. IMG_4867Thanks to Michelle for offering to come stay with our kids that early in the morning, that was beyond nice! She’s usually at the class, but because she was running a half marathon that Saturday, that Thursday was one of her rest days. We picked up Einstein Bagels on the way home from the class, Yum, yum! Micah gave me the cutest and greatest purple bike.  Its comfortable like a beach cruiser, but  light weight and  has gears and is incredibly easy to ride. Not very many places have bike racks anymore, I keep trying to run all my errands on my bike because I love it so much. My sisters gave me a gift card to take a class at Sur la table – now I just have to decide on ONE class to take, they all look amazing!  Michelle also gave me a cute beverage dispenser and we’ve used it all month! I also received cards and money from parents/in laws. Thank you all so much! Most significant this year was that I received a birthday call from Mama and Papa, as they do every year, to sing me happy birthday – a very special memory for me now. Papa’s voice was hoarse and Mama told me he was worried about it, but his love and kindness were expressed as sweetly as ever as was Mama’s. This was just two days before he passed away. I love Mama and Papa and I miss Papa. What a special gift they gave me this year.

Rachelle’s Birthday

Chelle had been excited all month about her birthday! She is darling. She wanted a pink cake with a tiara on top of it that she had seen in a recipe book she chose at Deseret Book, but then at the last minute she chose another cake we saw on Pinterest when Lacey and I were looking at cakes for her birthday.

So we did the new cake, and she hasn’t stopped asking me when I’m going to make her cake. She didn’t want a white cake, she wanted a pink cake!!!


She loved all the little presents she got and so did Lacey. They especially love the magnetic paper dolls from Grandma. Good thing Rachelle is pretty good at sharing. Micah took Chelle to her choice of breakfast, McDonald’s. Each child loves the time with Micah… especially since we never go out for breakfast. We went to Lori’s on her b-day to celebrate my and her birthday and my Dad’s birthday and she was so happy that everyone came to celebrate her. The things that topped it off were that everyone sang happy birthday to her and watched her blow out the candles, and Lincoln and Krista brought a little gift for her to open – a cute Minnie Mouse Camera. It made for a great birthday celebration. She just told me today that she wants her next birthday to be at Lori’s too. Rachelle is kind and loving. She tells people she loves them and makes people feel happy. She is usually a peacemaker, and hates to see others unhappy. She is so cute and has the cutest little voice with which she speaks so well. She is a big 3 year old!

Lacey’s Birthday

Lacey was well prepared for her birthday – she had waited and waited through two other birthdays for her turn! She wanted a “My Little Pony” cake. We looked at some online and then decided what we would do. She was SO happy with her cake! IMG_6626IMG_6628

She was thrilled to be the birthday girl! Lacey’s birthday falls during our Spring Break most years, so we were able to have her party on her actual birth day and celebrate all week :) She went to breakfast with Micah that morning, again to McDonald’s. Then we opened presents and played all day.IMG_4951

Then we met Anna at the mall to get Lacey’s and Anna’s ears pierced. IMG_4927IMG_6631

I knew it may not go well, but she walked in fearlessly even after I told her that it hurt and that it was just like a shot. She and Anna helped each other to go through with it. Lacey went first and wasn’t sure what to expect. Right after it happened she started crying and was a little mad. Anna still got up in the chair and went through with it. I was so impressed. Not too many tears and they are both happy they have them now! After that experience, we came back and got ready for Lacey’s party. We had invited just 4 girls (Anna, Hannah, Anna S. from church, and Mabry from school), and they had a great time roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. IMG_6643

We made these cups that glowed in the dark, but it didn’t work as well as I thought.Then we came in and had cake and ice cream and they played ponies for a few minutes as all were leaving. Anna stayed for a later night watching “Princess and the Popstar”. It was a perfect day in Lacey’s book!  She loves to celebrate and play and have friends over. She is fun, fun, fun all the time! She giggles and laughs and is always doing something goofy! Not too long ago she told me she doesn’t want to be a mom, because being a mom is boring :) Moms always have to tell kids what to do and stuff. I told her I may be a boring mom but she could be a fun mom! I guess I better step it up a little. Lacey loves movies, she’s in gymnastics right now and is learning so many great things. She loves preschool but is a little nervous for Kindergarten. Lacey is very loving.

Jackson’s Birthday

We had a great time for Jackson’s birthday. We celebrated the Saturday before his birthday because his birthday fell on a Monday this year. We invited his best buddies (DJ, Price, Brandon, Nash, Max, Marie, Jaidyn S, Collin F., George P. – friends from school ) and a few of his friends weren’t able to make it (I thought it may turn out that way, I don’t know their Mom’s very well yet). We played the candy bar game with them as guests were arriving, this time with small pieces of candy and bags to take them home in (I’m getting smarter each year).


We again roasted hot dogs and smores and had cake and ice cream. We had so much fun – this was an active group compared to Lacey’s party. They were playing tag and other games the entire time. They would roast their hot dogs or marshmallows then go play for a while, then come back and roast a little more. They were so funny and good to each other though and made Jackson’s b-day party great. Then we came in and had some cake and ice cream. Each one of them wanted to have one of the characters from the cake.IMG_6698IMG_6713

On Monday, Jackson went to breakfast with Micah at Jack in the Box. He opened his presents and loved his skylander giants things from us and grandma. He got his own set of nice scriptures and a cool football case which he treasures. He was so excited.  I got to come to lunch and sit outside with him and a few friends, then he asked me to bring popsicles for everyone in his class. I did, but the teacher’s freezer didn’t work too well, so that ended up being a mess. Oh well! We love Jackson – he is a good brother and friend. He loves to have fun and play any kind of sport. He doesn’t care whether he wins or loses. Well actually he loves to win, but doesn’t mind losing as long as he gets to play. He doesn’t really love school, but he has a great teacher and he puts up with the rest of it so he can have some time to play at recess. He’s been into tether ball this year and of course he loves to play football at recess. He is very smart especially when its a subject he’s interested in. He thinks outside the box and asks why a lot more than I ever remember asking as a child. He tests boundaries and makes sure we are keeping our ground :) We started reading the Book of Mormon with him one on one this year to prepare for his baptism next year. He is growing up fast… really fast.

Whew! Another birthday month come and gone. What a month!




Jackson’s Birthday

6 yrs old! What? That sounds so old…  Jackson had a lot of things he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday – he couldn’t quite decide what he wanted to do most. Finally we decided we would go bowling as a family and have a little party for him with his cousins. I haven’t decided on our “policy” for birthdays yet… I know some people only do parties for certain birthdays and they go all out on those specific parties, others go all out every year for parties, some do family parties some years and then friend parties the other years – I’m kinda just playing it by year.

Anyway, so our family bowling was really fun/ funny – everyone was happy and it was fun just to be together. The party with cousins was also a blast! We played a few organized games, had pizza, cake and ice cream, and then we just let them play in the backyard.  We played the candy bar game, a funny balloon popping game, simon says, and button button. Jackson’s cake was a lot of fun to make. He wanted a football cake with an AZ Cardinals helmet and a BYU helmet. We came up with just what he wanted – it was fun to create and tasted great, but let’s be honest, if you’re getting detailed at all fondant just takes so long! It was fun to see all the boys reactions to the cake though – they were chanting “BYU” over and over.

Playing Simon Says

The Cake

This is the video Micah made the week of his b-day:

skip to about 4:15 in the video for b-day stuff

Jackson is a fun little guy. He loves any good competition, and I mean any competition. He loves a good game and at this point hasn’t learned to be a bad sport about losing yet. He is very determined when he sets his mind to something. He’s smart, kind, and just has a good nature about him. His teachers all love him and tell me what a polite and thoughtful boy he is. He is such a great little guy!

Phew! We made it through the birthday month again, now on with the rest of the year!

Princess Tea Party

Lacey is a firecracker! Her favorite thing to do is watch movies. Right now her favorite is Tangled.  She loves to have FUN and make people laugh.  It is actually very hard to get her to hold still long enough to take a picture.  She is also a night owl.  It is not uncommon to hear her talking or singing to herself in her room past 10pm.

This year she wanted to have a tea party and play at the park.  She got to invite her 2 favorite cousins, Hannah and Anna.  They made frilly hats, and got their nails done.  Sarah got them all disney princess press ons.  It was funny watching these little 4  year olds trying to eat with silly fake nails getting in their way.

I had seen this idea on Pinterest and suggested we do it and Lacey loves Minnie mouse so she liked the idea.

While the girls made hats and got their nails done the boys set up the tea party at the park.  It was sort of a Fancy Nancy affair.  They had paper doilies as place mats and sandwiches with frilly toothpicks in them.  Their favorite part of the meal was the red jell-o jigglers.  So fancy!

Jackson got to practice being a gentleman.  He will be sure to get a lot practice with 3 younger sisters.