Yuba City Trip

We visited Micah’s family for Thanksgiving. The kids were great travelers in the car, and although the drive was long, it was really quite nice. While there we had a great Thanksgiving dinner, played a lot with cousins, had a fun after-thanksgiving turkey trot, went to Tristan’s baptism,
launched rockets
played with Grandma’s train set. (Jackson’s favorite)
got adjustments,
took some great baths in Grandma’s cool bath tub,


did a cousin christmas pajama exchange, had the family gift exchange, and finally the main reason we were there…
Grandma Hawley’s 90th birthday celebration and Hawley reunion! We had a great time and were grateful to Jared and Debbie for giving us a place to stay!

Family Reunion

Last week was the Stubblefield Family Reunion in Soda Springs, CA. We had a lot of fun. It was a long drive but the kids did really well. Lacey slept most of the way there and back and Jackson was very pleasant and watch videos most of the time. It was great to spend some time with family and see some new faces. The place where my parents rent the cabins is beautiful. Here are some highlights from the reunion.

The day we left was our 4th anniversary so I decorated our car for the drive. We got a few honks and thumbs up along the way.

We had a rocket launching competition with Grandpa’s homemade air compressor launcher and our rocket went the highest (I estimate about 377 yards – hang time was 8.4 seconds).

On the July 4th we went out on the lake in a canoe with the Runyans and had a blast chasing a bald eagle all over. We managed to get a couple good shots of it. I thought it was fitting to have a sighting of the national bird on independence day.

Did I mention the lake was beautiful? Here is a shot I took one morning as I was eaten alive by mosquitos.

more photos