Autumn Rose

We love this sweet little girl. I caught this picture last night… I know its a little blurry, but I love the sweet innocence of a sleeping baby. It is so precious to me!

A couple nights ago I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my sweet new baby and my 3 sweet children that love her SO dearly. I couldn’t help but thank my Heavenly Father for these greatest blessings and yet I still felt that my thanks to Him were inadequate for the joy I feel.

We have felt so grateful for all the love and help we’ve received from family and friends! In the hospital as I was getting prepped to go back to the operating room someone who worked there came in and asked if I would need any help or assistance with other children when I left the hospital. I was grateful to say that we have family and friends that are helping us.  Since then I’ve thought again and again about how much harder it would be to have a baby without everyone’s support. Thank you, Thank you! My heart is overfilled with gratitude!  Happy Thanksgiving!


Yuba City Trip

We visited Micah’s family for Thanksgiving. The kids were great travelers in the car, and although the drive was long, it was really quite nice. While there we had a great Thanksgiving dinner, played a lot with cousins, had a fun after-thanksgiving turkey trot, went to Tristan’s baptism,
launched rockets
played with Grandma’s train set. (Jackson’s favorite)
got adjustments,
took some great baths in Grandma’s cool bath tub,


did a cousin christmas pajama exchange, had the family gift exchange, and finally the main reason we were there…
Grandma Hawley’s 90th birthday celebration and Hawley reunion! We had a great time and were grateful to Jared and Debbie for giving us a place to stay!

November 2008

We’re slackers! I’m sure no one even bothers coming to our blog anymore since we haven’t updated in a month. First I’d like to say Happy Birthday to Emily. She turns 25 today! We also want to thank her family and my parents for their visit this weekend. We enjoyed the company and the fun. We have a lot to blog about and I am trying to decide the best way to do it. If you’re the type that is just interested in pictures then just head over to our Picasa albums here, and here. Otherwise, sit back and relax as I take you through November in the Stubblefield home.

Jackson discovered the ice cream van. You should see his face when he hears the familiar song. It truly is like the pied piper is calling him. We have a very interesting ice cream lady

Sarah came out after putting Lacey down for a nap to find Jackson on the counter with a pan and eggs. He really likes to cook and I let him crack the eggs when he helps me.

Lacey enjoys feeding herself. She hates being spoon fed now and prefers pizza, pasta, crackers, sweet potatoes and bananas. She’ll eat a large banana all by herself.

My parents and the Lyon family came for Thanksgiving. I had the pleasure of cooking and carving my first turkey. I made sure to find as many tutorials online as possible and I must say it was very tasty.

Sarah did everything else (except the rolls and pies – thanks mom). It was all very delicious. Everyone loved the carrot casserole and the sweet potatoes were very good.
Jackson enjoyed entertaining his cousins. The twins provided hours of running, chasing, and wrestling. He is bored out of his mind now they are gone.

One of the many “dog piles” from this weekend.

We visited the temple lights the day after thanksgiving.

Olive Garden for Emily’s Birthday.

Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo.

Thanks to my parents and Emily for the fun weekend. We had a blast.