Gilbert Arizona Temple

In case you haven’t heard. The church announced two new temples to be built in Arizona. The Gilbert Temple will be less than 5 miles from our house! That will be exciting and fun to be a part of a new temple. I know it was a great experience for the Runyans in Folsom. If you’re familiar with the area, it will be across the 202 freeway from the San Tan Village (Greenfield & Pecos). The other temple will be in eastern Arizona. I’m sure the process will take years but it will be fun to see the progress and eventually invite friends and neighbors to the open house.

2 thoughts on “Gilbert Arizona Temple

  1. That’s wonderful news. The Mesa temple keeps pretty busy. We love having our temple on the hill so close.

  2. How exciting. You will love being a part of the process. I have very tender feelings about all that we were able to participate in with the Sacramento temple. I especially enjoyed going to clean the temple when it was our stake’s turn.

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