FHE at the Temple

We decided to take Jackson to see the Mesa Temple tonight for FHE. We wanted to make sure and see the Reflections of Christ display at the visitor’s center before it ends next week. Jackson had fun and liked seeing all the Jesus pictures and statues. It’s amazing how well little kids can recognize Christ at such a young age.


4 thoughts on “FHE at the Temple

  1. What a perfect night! I can’t believe how big Lacey is getting already! Check out our blog for our FHE experience…far less than perfect!

  2. I love the pic w/ Jackson looking up at Christ. There is just something so innocent anout it.
    When we took Katelyn to the Visitor Center for the 1st time- it brought tears to my eyes. Our children just recently left his presence. You can’t get more special than that.

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