Pumpkin Growing Contest

A friend of mine is doing this on their blog and we thought it would be a great idea for our friends and family to participate. Along with our annual pumpkin carving contest, we are going to hold a pumpkin growing contest. All the gardeners out there let’s see what you got! You have until the week before Halloween to grow the heaviest pumpkin. To participate just comment here to let us know you’re in and we will post occasionally to get updates.

We planted our seeds this evening and I installed a little sprinkler just for them. We have two large mounds of soil that we hope will be 100+ lbs pumpkins come October. Some of you live in much more fertile areas so this should be interesting don’t let us show you up down here in the desert.


*Extra points on the pumpkin carving if you carve a pumpkin you grew.

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2 thoughts on “Pumpkin Growing Contest

  1. ok, we planted out a few weeks ago……and we have incredibly fertile soil, so we will see…….

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