Haunted Dinners and the rest of Halloween

We’ve been so excited for Halloween for a long time here, so I decided I would get a little creative for the week before Halloween and see if I could get the kids to eat. Well, the snake sandwich was the first and favorite of the creative Halloween dinners, but they weren’t too crazy about  the others. I forgot to get a picture of the mummy pizza, I was really surprised they wouldn’t eat much of  that one, they LOVE pizza usually.  Oh well, at least I had fun getting to be a little creative with these. I may just start mixing in a fun dinner like this here and there into our regular routine.

Here are a few pictures of the kids in their costumes. We had a busy Halloween weekend. Pumpkin carving on friday night, we had Jackson’s soccer game Saturday morning and the excitement of bringing the snacks to that, a party at Micah’s coworkers house, the ward trunk-or-treat and a block party.  Hmmm, it felt busier than it sounds. Jackson was a storm trooper again (he loves to the gun that goes with it), Lacey was going to be Cinderella and has dressed up in the dress a few times, but decided last minute to be a monkey instead. Actually, we could hardly get her to keep a costume on. Rachelle was going to be the little puppy dog, its the costume we’ve dressed the others up in when they were this age, but a friend bought a little ladybug costume for her and it was very cute, but the only picture I got of her is the one below – with no wings or booties. The poor girl was partied out!

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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  1. Love the snake sandwich….my boys would love that! I take it you made that bread loaf and just shaped in that way before you cooked it?

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