Happy Birthday Micah!

For Micah’s  b-day he got a castle cake… we were actually just trying it out on him, because My sister and I are  making one for my nieces b-day, so we wanted to make sure we could do it. Micah had one request though – he didn’t want it to be a “princess” castle. So we made it with chocolate frosting instead of pretty white and pink! We will be using some nicer things for the windows and accessories for the real princess cake, but this was definitely a good run through. Thanks for the two artists who came to help me build this cake (Tim and Robyn).  Needless to say, we have plenty of cake leftover. “There’s some in the refrigerator, there’s more in the garage… the rest is at the Johnsons.” I think Micah had a good birthday… I think you know you’re getting older when you start getting things that you need as your gifts (i.e – money for new shoes, a fan for work, etc) instead of all those fun toys you can think of! Jackson, Lacey and I had a great day celebrating Micah’s b-day. They loved the streamers and sign, and then we got pizza for lunch. We also had lots of visitors come over to play – so it really was a party for us! Happy Birthday Micah!

The last picture is of Jackson and some of the things that he’s done in school. He loves school!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Micah!

  1. Hope Micah’s birthday was great! The cake looks awesome. I am sure Micah didn’t mind a castle cake – just call it a King for the day cake.

  2. I want me some cake…. Happy Birthday Micah!!! I can’t wait to see the princess castle cake in all it’s glory!

  3. I love the Fat Louie line. Classic. The cake looks nice as well!! I was glad I got to come watch you and Tim decorate, while I played with my little Lacey. I need to have her around more often… she makes me feel very special!! Happy B-day Micah!!

  4. Well we are going to call Micah – George Banks – who doesn’t want a princess castle for their party. Who knew we had such artists in the family. Happy B-day Micah

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