Gardening Fail!

We’re not quite prepared for a major disaster. Let’s just say if we had to grow our own food the upside would be that we would lose weight. We joined a pumpkin growing contest of a friend and things were going pretty good for a couple weeks then the heat came. Our poor pumpkin plants couldn’t take the 116 degree temperatures and this is what happened. I had such high hopes of growing a massive pumpkin. Maybe next year we’ll start earlier and get a shade or something.IMG_4794
At least we can grow cute kids. We just won’t be able to feed them.
PS – The dress Lacey is wearing was Sarah’s when she was a little girl.

3 thoughts on “Gardening Fail!

  1. if only gardens grew like our kiddos… cute cute (the kids, i mean)! it was good to see sarah and the kiddos for a couple minutes at the airport. i can’t believe how they’ve grown!

  2. Was I suppose to be able to see something in that garden area??? Give that poor little pumpkin some shade. You guys sure do have some cute kids. We miss them a lot.

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