First Day Impressions

Everybody is sure to ask, “How do you like your new job?”. I’ll try and answer that here for those who care to know but may not have the opportunity to ask.

My new job is much much different then my previous job. I’m technically doing similar work but hardly.

The Commute
This is the first major difference. Before it took me 10 minutes max to get to work or 15 minutes if I rode my bike. Now it takes me no less than 30 minutes which is still way better most of the jobs I was applying for. It hasn’t been too bad yet. No bumper to bumper deadlocks the first two days.

This probably the biggest difference. Cheyenne Mountain, being a video game developer, was obviously more laid back. I forgot how stale big corporation can be. YouTube and most popular websites are blocked and I can’t even listen to the radio online (music helps me make through the day and block out office conversations). Everyone I’ve met here has been very kind and I think it will be a good work environment but it will definitely take some getting used to.

This is probably the biggest upside to the new job. I’m only a contract employee for the first 4-6 months but once I become a permanent employee I will be able to work on an MBA and I believe they will cover most or all of the cost. One other thing I might take advantage of is the gym downstairs. The gym is just part of the office complex and not tied to my company but it is only $25/month and they provide fitness plans and I could just take 30 minutes during my lunch to workout, shower and get back to work in the same building.

3 thoughts on “First Day Impressions

  1. Wow – welcom to coporate America. No action figures or palm trees in any of the cubicles? Sorry about the commute, but hooray for the gym! I guess there are trade-offs in all things. Paychecks are nice too!

  2. My job title is Java SQE (Software Quality Engineer) Developer. Which means I won’t actually make anything I will just assure it is made well.

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