4th Annual Stubblefield Pumpkin Carving Contest

Thank you to all who participated. We had a blast. A new pumpkin carving champion has been declared. We had a good run as champions but it was bound to come to an end sooner or later. Here are the results from the 2008 Pumpkin Carving Competition. All pumpkins were very well done. We were impressed. We would also like to declare Erin as the cootie winner. Highlights of the evening included Maridith being covered in pumpkin shavings from using a dremel, the firework show from the flaming tiki (I’ll post a video on youtube) and all-around good company and treats. Be on the look out for better pictures from Robyn’s blog. Until next year. Happy Halloween!

First Place: Mitch & Anna
Second Place: Mike & Lori
Third Place: Chris
Honorable Mentions:
Chip & Erin
Robyn & Devan
Micah & Sarah
Mike & Maridith
The group