Busy busy busy


Tuesday 12/18: Got a job offer with Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. We put our house up for sale.

Wednesday 12/19: Sarah and Jackson fly to AZ for a friends wedding and Christmas. I quit my current job, which, due to holidays and timing, means I’m unemployed until January 7th. Sarah also went to see a home in Arizona near her sister and aunt. The home isn’t even on the market yet.

Thursday 12/20: Sarah looks at 8 other homes with a realtor including this one which we think is great. Meanwhile, I prep our home to be shown to our first buyer.

Friday 12/21: I fly to AZ for Christmas. First potential buyer views our home.

Saturday 12/22: Together we visit several more homes including Sarah’s top two above.

Sunday 12/23: We go to Sacrament Meeting at the ward of one of the homes we liked. The top two homes are in the same stake and meet in the same building.

Monday – Christmas Eve Festivities
Tuesday – Christmas and Fly back to Utah.
Wednesday – Today we are ready to make an offer on the first house Sarah saw. We keep you posted as the home buying process progresses.

Away In a Manger

Friday was our ward Christmas dinner that we were in charge of. It went okay except for a few important details that fell through. The people we put in charge of drinks didn’t bring drinks, the grocery store we had cater gave us about half the corn and potatoes they quoted us and the guy that was going to setup a photo studio for family pictures showed up 30 minutes into the dinner rather than 1 hr before. Needless to say, we were running around like crazy at the dinner trying to make it work. The best part was the Nativity. Jackson played a shepherd.

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