Yuba City Trip

We went to Yuba City last weekend to spend some time with family there. We had a great time. It was one big party from start to finish. What a blast! We swam a couple times, went out to eat a few times, played a lot with grandma’s cool train set, went to the park, celebrated Grandpa Hawley’s birthday, played and played with cousins, jumped on the trampoline, played with the dog named Weezer (and a couple other wiener dogs), went bowling, etc, etc, etc… Here’s a few pictures from our adventures over there!

Singing "Do As I'm Doing"

Singing "Do As I'm Doing"

at the park with Hannah

at the park with cousins

Can't go wrong with bubbles with the 4 and under crowd! They were a hit!

Can't go wrong with bubbles with the 4 and under crowd! They were a hit!

2009-09 014

Lunch at Casa Lupe

While we were there Jackson learned a few tricks from Grandpa. He watched as we were all adjusted and then he got adjusted . After that, there was nothing else he needed to know.  He came up with this all by himself yesterday… He pulled out a bunch of blankets and pillows from the closet and set up a “me-sin” table. I thought he meant a a measuring table, but Micah thinks he meant medicine table.

Dr. Jackson from Micah on Vimeo.

Anyway, if anyone here needs an adjustment, we haven’t taken his table down yet. Jackson will “fix” (as he says it) you right up. Thanks for the great time Grandma and Grandpa!

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  1. The video is too precious! I will make sure Jackson gives me an adjustment next time we see him. I think this needs to be posted on Activator’s website. I especially like the pillow as the foot activated table lift!
    We loved having you and enjoyed every minute of your visit.

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