The big movie

Micah and Jackson decided to have some fun one Sunday and create a video. We love the kid history movies – if you haven’t seen them yet, they are pretty entertaining stories that grown men/brothers/friends told to their kids about their childhood. Then they had the kids retell the stories and they acted the stories their kids told.  Anyway, this is sort of a long the same lines except just a story Jackson made up! They sure had a great time making it! Without further ado…

3 thoughts on “The big movie

  1. HILARIOUS! Not sure what was more enjoyable… Micah’s moves or Jackson telling the story on his back with his bum to the camera!! Loved it! I agree, Make More!!

  2. Ha ha ha!! The dancing portion had me laughing out loud! So funny!

    Also, my boys are always saying things were “a hundred” when they want to say there were lots. Funny.

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