Taking A Day Off

I’m not sure who reads our blog any more.  It has been over a year since we posted.  This week I started keeping a daily journal but then I couldn’t decide the best place to do it and said, “Hey, why don’t I blog it?”  I guess this means I can’t get too personal…or can I? The point of the daily journal is to follow some advice I got to be happy.  The task is to write about something positive each day. This way my focus is on the good stuff.  I don’t think we have to ignore the bad but we should always try to recognize the good.

What was good today? After work we piled the family in the car and drove to North Scottsdale and now we’re in a hotel and I have tomorrow off and we are going to attend the Phoenix Temple Open House.  Fun!  We could have just driven there tomorrow and not gotten a hotel but we wanted a little adventure and change of scenery.  The kids are on Fall Break and this will be the only thing away from home we’re doing this year.  Plus we’ll have two days of not having to cook and clean!!! I guess I would say that is the positive.

Another positive for me is that I have an awesome wife that took care of getting the van in for maintenance today. We had to get the power steering fluid flushed and some other thing.  And since I was I work when it was finished she walked to the mechanic with her 4 little kids to pick it up! What a woman! Did I mention she is almost 7 months pregnant?

This wasn’t today but another positive thing that happened this week is that we decided on a name for our baby. We always have the hardest time choosing names for our children.  We were determined to find a name fast so we could have it done and start getting used to the name.  We still aren’t 100% sure of the middle name but as of now it is Sierra Snowe :)