Struck By Lightening

Halloween always seems so busy.  Every year there are more and more activities and parties.  Each kids usually has a school party of some sort.  Then there is the ward party.  The work party.  The street party. All fun but it makes for a lot of sugar highs and messes around the house. I like Halloween but I’m always glad when it is over. Today we’ve already taken down all decorations and disposed of a ton of trash.2014-10-31


We quickly carved these pumpkins on halloween.  I think I’m going to retire from carving pumpkins.  Curious George is Autumns. The mermaid is Lacey’s and the cat is Rachelle’s.  Jackson carved his own pumpkin last week for the ward party.  Can you guess what it is?



Every year our street has a pot luck Halloween party. We usually don’t know too many people but it is good to get out and interact with your neighbors. I think most of the neighborhood kids are a little bit older than our kids.IMG_9838


A co-worker invited the whole building to his band’s Halloween show.  They have two tesla coils that make music and a Faraday Cage for people to get in. I put some video footage of it in my weekly vlog.IMG_9881