I told you I’d update you when I finished a few more projects… well, I’ve had so much fun getting things ready for Christmas this year. This is what I’ve been up to:


JOY plaques – Thanks to Micah for helping cut the wood and doing some of the spray painting for me! It really was a joint effort.


Christmas Jars – I think I’ll make some of these for myself and fill them with something I can keep up year round. I was a little disappointed with the jars I found, but I still think they turned out pretty good.

And Finally…


This little doll. I learned a lot on this one. I’m not great at sewing or reading patterns, but I just decided to go for it anyways.  It’s definitely not perfect but I was happy with the results, and my kids were pretty impressed (that’s all that really matters… right?).

It was so fun to see the progress as each of these came together! I’m loving this hobby, but I’m thinking its going to have to take a back burner for a few months in about 9-10 weeks. I’m getting excited!

5 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Your projects are way cute. I loved the Joy Plaques. I can totally see the jars as a regular display – you could even swap out the insides seasonally (heart stuff for valentines etc). Dolly is cute too. What’s happening in 9 or 10 weeks that will keep you busy? ; )
    More laundry??

  2. Sarah,
    I love these! Your little doll makes me want to pull out the old sewing machine and give it a try! I wish we lived anywhere near each other and we could do some projects together. Where did you get the spindle things that you’re using for these? And how did you attach the jars and plaques to them?
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I love the JOY plaques you made us. They look great on the mantle – and are really my nicest holiday decor. Thank you! I love your other crafts too. Good job!
    And only 9-10 weeks? Guess I’d better get started on your blanket. Have you decided what color(s) you want? Any other requests?

  4. The laundry is never done around here, but I’m sure there will be quite a bit more with the baby coming! In fact, I should probably go do some laundry right now.

    Hannah – it would be a blast to have someone to work on things with! I got the little wooden finials on the tops from Lowes and the “candlestick” type things on the jars were decorative table legs from Lowes or Home Depot. For the Joy Plaques I just pieced together the “candlestick” part with random wooden things I found at the craft store (I couldn’t find unfinished candlesticks at the craft store, and I hadn’t found the table legs yet). I used gorilla glue to attach everything, but I’d look for something a little stronger.

    Megan, we always love the blankets you send. We haven’t really thought about colors – anything girlish would be great!

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