Struck By Lightening

Halloween always seems so busy.  Every year there are more and more activities and parties.  Each kids usually has a school party of some sort.  Then there is the ward party.  The work party.  The street party. All fun but it makes for a lot of sugar highs and messes around the house. I like Halloween but I’m always glad when it is over. Today we’ve already taken down all decorations and disposed of a ton of trash.2014-10-31


We quickly carved these pumpkins on halloween.  I think I’m going to retire from carving pumpkins.  Curious George is Autumns. The mermaid is Lacey’s and the cat is Rachelle’s.  Jackson carved his own pumpkin last week for the ward party.  Can you guess what it is?



Every year our street has a pot luck Halloween party. We usually don’t know too many people but it is good to get out and interact with your neighbors. I think most of the neighborhood kids are a little bit older than our kids.IMG_9838


A co-worker invited the whole building to his band’s Halloween show.  They have two tesla coils that make music and a Faraday Cage for people to get in. I put some video footage of it in my weekly vlog.IMG_9881


Fall Festivities

Jackson carved a purple minion on his own. He didn’t want my help.  It was for a contest at the Ward Fall Festival.  He was disappointed he didn’t win.IMG_9783 IMG_9785

This little girl is a firecracker. Super cute and sweet…most of the time.IMG_9788

Rachelle’s eye is doing much better. You can see a little discoloration still.

We’re pet sitting this little guy. His name is Toby.  The kids love it.


Sarah set up a mad scientist booth for the Ward Fall Festival.  It was fun.  She had jars of things for kids to touch.  Freeze dried bat wings (Turkey Jerky), Rat Hearts (Mushrooms), Chopped Brains (Spiral pasta), Wizard Ears (dried apricots) and Cat Eyeballs (Peeled Grapes).IMG_9804 IMG_9807

Jackson always looks forward to his football games. He has been a little more frustrated this year. I think he needs to learn that sports aren’t always going to be easy and he isn’t automatically the best on the team.  He needs to work for it.IMG_9812 IMG_9813

Family Chalk War

2014-10-122Tonight for FHE we tested out the chalk balls that Sarah made for her mutual activity on Wednesday.  She made some homemade chalk and loaded it into socks and stockings and tied into balls.  We made teams. Me, Lacey and Autumn vs Sarah, Jackson and Rachelle.IMG_9772

I’m not sure who won but I do know I lost.  I think was just the biggest and slowest target.IMG_9774

Life is Tough

Today was a somber day and we fasted for a family who experienced a horrific tragedy yesterday. Our kids don’t quite comprehend the situation and they seem confused to see their parents crying. We tried to maintain some normalcy for them and had them set up some Halloween decorations while we prepared a simple dinner of fruit and muffins. Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.

My original goal for the next few weeks was to journal something positive from the day and sometimes the positive can be extremely hard to notice in the face of an overwhelmingly sad day.

IMG_9743 IMG_9749 IMG_9747IMG_9762

The Phoenix Temple

We started the day waking up at the Residence Inn next to the Mayo Clinic.  After breakfast we hit the pool for a nice chilly swim.  It wasn’t too cold and once you got it it was actually really nice.IMG_9723 IMG_9724

Then we got cleaned up, had lunch in our room and headed over to the Phoenix Temple Open House which was our excuse for staying in a hotel this weekend even though it is only about 1 hour from our house :)

IMG_9725 IMG_9727 IMG_9729

IMG_9733Parking for the tour was at a nearby water park and they had tour buses shuttling people back and forth to the temple. We were hoping to see the

temple from the road somewhere and we were a little surprised that we didn’t really see it until we got into the stake center parking lot and the steeple peaked out above the stake center. It was still a beautiful site.

Now here is the crazy part of the story. We got off the bus and walked into the stake center for a presentation. As I step off the bus there was a guy at the front of the bus who looked familiar. As we started the presentation I got another look at the familiar face and I was pretty certain it was a friend of mine from High School. As we filed out of the room I stopped him and asked him if he was who he thought and sure enough it was! We embraced and chatted (as reverently as possible) during the tour and come to find out he has been living in Arizona for the past 5 years.  I had no idea.

Anyway, the temple was beautiful.  Unfortunately, I can’t help compare it to the Gilbert temple which really is possibly the most amazing temple I’ve been in.  We were glad our kids had another opportunity to be inside a temple.  What a cool time to be a part of this church!  Tomorrow we may try and catch a showing of “Meet The Mormons” after we do another morning swim, checkout and go to our Nephew Max’s baptism.IMG_9737