Notes, notes… what notes?

At the end of last school year and well into the summer Jackson started writing me notes and drawing pictures for me. I love them and I want to remember them, so I thought this may be a good place for them.

this one says, “I love your singing. Why do you sing?”

“Dear Mom, This is a salad. If you like it send me a note” (He mixed spinach with baby carrots and put on some cucumber salad dressing for me)

“I love you. can you stop yelling at us?” (I really don’t think I yell much. and Actually I remember laughing at this one because I was trying really hard not to raise my voice this day… I guess I failed!)

This was for mother’s day – I loved his responses and beautiful picture. He was proud!

he had a whole story about this one that I wish I had written down. I’ll have to ask him if he remembers.

this is his special recipe for an ice cream sugar topping – he loved making this up and I thought it was cute that he did ‘pinches’.

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