Jack-o-Lantern in a Jar

Jackson wanted to give something to his Kindergarten teacher so I decided to make some sugar cookies I had seen.  The idea was to make cookies in the shape of jack-o-lantern parts.  Here is the recipe I used.

The frosting is very thin and is applied with squeeze bottles.

Then I got some orange plates and added stems.

You can then mix and match the cookies to make silly faces.

8 thoughts on “Jack-o-Lantern in a Jar

  1. It actually didn’t feel like quite as much work when I did the 2nd half without my “helper,” but he had so much fun cutting the cookies out and frosting with me! I’ve never done a true royal icing before so that took a little experimenting. I was a little impatient because I wanted to get it done quickly while Chelle was napping and so it turned out too runny. The sugar cookie recipe I used (it was a different one than the one that is actually linked to in this post) went from rock hard to gooey soft so fast it was hard to work with. In the end, I would do it again… I’d just use a regular sugar cookie recipe and be a little more patient in getting the icing to the right consistency. I would even let Jackson and Lacey do the icing – I think the bottles actually make it easier for them.

  2. Such a amazingly cute idea!

    p.s. it was the whole metal “thingy” that is half inside the pedal and half way attached to the bike that would unravel on the bike side so i super glued it in:) It seems to be working so far.

  3. You are craftily awesome. Those are some yummy looking cookies in a perfect presentation. Jackson is fortunate to have such a great mom and the teacher is a lucky recipient!

  4. Thanks Jen – I’ll have to try super glue for the bike pedals. Its pretty frustrating for her to get going and have the pedal fall off.
    Britt – I have to make up reasons to make cookies (I try not to just make them for us), and Jackson was dying to take something to his teacher, so the timing was right, but … I do like his teacher!
    Several blogs I follow had posted these and the more I saw it the cuter I thought it was. I didn’t think our cookies would turn out as well as they did, but I love when I’m pleasantly surprised! I’ve always wondered how people ice their cookies so well – I was glad to figure out the methods of the royal frosting!

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