Is it tag season?

Both Sarah and I got tagged so we will both do it

8 Favorite TV Shows ( We don’t have cable so we don’t watch a lot of TV )
  Micah Sarah
1. The Office Cosby Show
2. Seinfeld Biggest Loser
3. King of Queens American Idol
4. Cash Cab Americas Test Kitchen
5. 20/20 John Stossel Curious George
6. Biggest Loser Seinfeld
7. This Old House King of Queens
8. Deal or No Deal This Old House

8 Things I did yesterday

Micah Sarah
1. Run 2.5 miles Laundry
2. Attend Career Workshop Made Breakfast
3. Overseed Lawn Play with kids
4. Grocery Shop Grocery Shop
5. Attend Co-worker’s Party Phone calls for Primary
6. Frozen Yogurt Date Night
7. Weigh in for 6 lbs loss Weigh in for a 4 lb loss
8. Prepare Lesson Get everything ready for 8:30am church

8 Things I look forward to

Micah Sarah
1. Waking up Micah coming home each day
2. Going to Sleep Weekends
3. Playing with kids Good weather
4. Holidays and Traveling A Blue swimming pool
5. Becoming Self-sufficient A Garden
6. Ice Cream Vacations
7. Learning Bedtime
8. Millenium Haircuts

8 Favorite Restaurants ( We don’t eat out very often. Fast food sometimes )

Micah Sarah
1. Burger King Paradise Bakery
2. Taste of China Chic-Fil-A
3. Cafe Rio Tempanyakis
4. Tempanyakis Macaroni Grill
5. Cheescake Factory Cheesecake Factory
6. PF Chang’s Fazoli’s
7. Ruby Tuesdays Rosa’s
8. Subway Subway

8 Things on my wish list

Micah Sarah
1. DSLR Camera Travel
2. Big Screen HDTV Living room furniture
3. A good pillow Happy Kids
4. A house that magically takes care of itself Lose Weight
5. More Job Security Time for hobbies
6. To Travel To bake nonstop without consequences
7. Good health and fitness No Worries
8. Self Control Be more Christlike

We tag nobody but if you want to do this. please consider yourself tagged.

3 thoughts on “Is it tag season?

  1. I find these lists insightful! Dad had the hardest time with his 8 things he looks forward to. Hmmm – what does that mean??

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