If you want to be “in the know”…

You should watch this video…

We can’t keep it a secret forever!

14 thoughts on “If you want to be “in the know”…

  1. You are so tricky! I didn’t have a clue you were expecting. That tells you how observant I am. We are so excited about a new, new baby. She couldn’t come to a better home! I love you all. Mama xoxo

  2. Congrats!! How fun! It’s a GIRL! You lucky kids! We are a little jealous… but mostly excited for you!

  3. I already knew! So exciting – I can’t think of anything better than another little Stubblefield girlie!

  4. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy for another little cousin. So fun to have another little girl!!!!! I guess Jackson will just have to wait for the next baby for a little brother…….

  5. Sadie-

    I have been meaning to ask you the last couple weeks I have seen you. I asked Krista last week if I had missed an announcement about you and then I check my email today and Bam!

    Congrats! Lincoln will be sad its not a boy! But they will be best friends for sure

  6. sadie! how exciting! congrats to you guys! hope you are feeling good. when are you due? (i couldn’t watch the video, i don’t know if you said it in there)

  7. Wow – I leave town for a couple of days and BAM – a 21 week pregnancy! We are so happy for you and know this new little one is coming to a special family.

  8. November 17 is a very special day indeed…. your little girl will share a birthday with me (Molly), Meg and Melissa, so it is inevitable that you name your little girl starting with an M.

    We like Maggie, Macy, Mabel, Madeline… just to name a few!

    We can’t wait to have her join the force! Congratulations Stubbs, we love you!

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