Halloween Fun

Last week for Family Night we thought it would be fun to get some decorations up. We decided that we would make a couple of scarecrows to sit by our front door. It was fun for Micah and I but Jackson and Lacey LOVED it! We saved some newspapers from the few days before and Jackson crumpled a piece at a time and threw them on the floor around Lacey.
Every time a piece of crumpled newspaper came flying Lacey’s way she would laugh uncontrollably which set Jackson off too. They were really enjoying each other.

Here is our final product.

The other day Jackson went to get the mail with me and there was a little town newspaper on the driveway… He picked it up, removed the rubber band while he was running inside, and started taking the newspaper apart piece by piece and crumpling each page! He was so proud of himself and was missing Lacey’s laughter (she was napping) … he asked if he could go wake her up and was so sad when I told him she needed rest and he needed to clean up the mess he just made! What a mean mom!

5 thoughts on “Halloween Fun

  1. Sarah – I love your little family. That picture of Lacey laughing made me laugh… so I can only imagine what it was like with the live version! Great scarecrows too!


  2. What a fun time. There is nothing more gratifying than watching your children enjoy each other – even when they are grown-ups! The scarecrow is very cute, and looks vaguely like Micah. Maybe it is the jeans, shoes and sitting position. He is a ventriloquist?

  3. Great job with the scarecrows. I can’t wait until Tyson and Craig can play more together. Right now Craig just smiles and perks up every time big brother Tyson comes around.

  4. Hi Sarah!!!!!!! I love that you found me! A few weeks ago I was trying to find you! How are you? Your family is so cute! Where are you guys living now? I hope you’re here in Mesa:) I’m gunna link you to my blog. I would love to stay in touch:)

  5. hey you! your kids are so cute! man i've got a lot of catching up to do :) where are you guys living? how's life?
    p.s. I was watching a softball game the other day & totally thought of you & playing on your dad's team back in the day… fun times!

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