Fitness Challenge

As my blog is titled stubz fitness challenge I figured I’d better talk about it some. Saturday I started my third biggest loser style weight loss competition. These competitions have proven to be very helpful in motivating me to eat healthier and exercise.

The first competition lasted 7 weeks and I lost an astonishing 26 lbs! I had been at my heaviest just prior to starting that competition. To help me lose weight I also trained to run a half marathon which I did in September. I was then tired and gained backed about 12 lbs. I knew it was time to start another competitions so I did. This time I lost 18 lbs dropping my total weight loss to 32 lbs! I’m now back up 7 lbs from there and starting my third competition. If I reach my goal for this competition I will have lost a total of 41 lbs in less than 6 months. I will probably continue to have these competitions.