Family Reunion

Last week was the Stubblefield Family Reunion in Soda Springs, CA. We had a lot of fun. It was a long drive but the kids did really well. Lacey slept most of the way there and back and Jackson was very pleasant and watch videos most of the time. It was great to spend some time with family and see some new faces. The place where my parents rent the cabins is beautiful. Here are some highlights from the reunion.

The day we left was our 4th anniversary so I decorated our car for the drive. We got a few honks and thumbs up along the way.

We had a rocket launching competition with Grandpa’s homemade air compressor launcher and our rocket went the highest (I estimate about 377 yards – hang time was 8.4 seconds).

On the July 4th we went out on the lake in a canoe with the Runyans and had a blast chasing a bald eagle all over. We managed to get a couple good shots of it. I thought it was fitting to have a sighting of the national bird on independence day.

Did I mention the lake was beautiful? Here is a shot I took one morning as I was eaten alive by mosquitos.

more photos

9 thoughts on “Family Reunion

  1. Your family reunion sounds amazing!! The pictures are great!! Where is that you guys go? Hey Jill is going to be in Arizona for a week…Jake will be around but his wife and kids will be in Oregon but you guys should all get together!! :)

  2. I’m bummed the twins and I never went out on the lake. You got some good shots of it; and the eagle. I enjoyed hanging out with your family a bunch in our cabin. You guys were great company. Glad you had a good trip home.

  3. Love the picture of the eagle! Those birds are amazing. And the lake is so beautiful. I love the fog/mist on top. So pretty.

  4. Your pics are great. We had so much fun with all ya’ll. I love it at Soda Springs. I always want to go right back once I get home. It wouldn’t be the same without all my fam there with me though.
    Thanks for making the trek!

  5. You totally got points for the anniversary decor from Sarah, i’m sure!

    Awesome that you were lucky enough to get a pic of an eagle too- that’s rare!

  6. micah: fun to see your family blog and what you guys are up to! thanks for your comment on my photoblog – why don’t you email me and we can work it out! I would have to ask permission of the family. (but she is from arizona, so it sounds promising!) thanks
    zane and lexi at gmail dot com

  7. I just sent something to the only address I have for Zane. It was a hotmail address.

  8. Micah- I need your email address. Anyways, thanks for helping with the website. I’ve received great reviews! I really appreciate your time. I noticed your online book club community. A bunch of us have started together at if you want to join.

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