Fall Festivities

Jackson carved a purple minion on his own. He didn’t want my help.  It was for a contest at the Ward Fall Festival.  He was disappointed he didn’t win.IMG_9783 IMG_9785

This little girl is a firecracker. Super cute and sweet…most of the time.IMG_9788

Rachelle’s eye is doing much better. You can see a little discoloration still.

We’re pet sitting this little guy. His name is Toby.  The kids love it.


Sarah set up a mad scientist booth for the Ward Fall Festival.  It was fun.  She had jars of things for kids to touch.  Freeze dried bat wings (Turkey Jerky), Rat Hearts (Mushrooms), Chopped Brains (Spiral pasta), Wizard Ears (dried apricots) and Cat Eyeballs (Peeled Grapes).IMG_9804 IMG_9807

Jackson always looks forward to his football games. He has been a little more frustrated this year. I think he needs to learn that sports aren’t always going to be easy and he isn’t automatically the best on the team.  He needs to work for it.IMG_9812 IMG_9813