Custom Video Games for Toddlers

Jackson has been really showing interest in playing games on the computer. The problem is we don’t have many games that are easy enough for him to play. We just have the games that game with the computer. Well I work for a computer game developer so I looked into making Jackson his own game. Here is the criteria I made. I wanted him to be the character, I wanted it to be easy, I wanted it to contain other things he enjoys. He also doesn’t have a grasp of points or levels or game over so this is just for fun with no rules. Here is what I have after two short evenings. As his skill improves I can make it more difficult. He hasn’t played the final version of the game yet so I will keep you posted on what he thinks of it.

Save the file to your desktop and extract it. Then run SuperJackson.exe To Play just use the arrow keys to move around and the space bar to throw balls at the ant.

Update: This won’t work on a Mac and you need directX 9 for windows, which you can get here…

6 thoughts on “Custom Video Games for Toddlers

  1. any ideas for how to play the game on a mac? a folder downloaded with lots of files. when i try to open the superjackson.exe file it doesn’t seem to have an application to open it with…it tries to open it using the “disk utility”…?? what a lucky boy to have a dad that can just make him a game when he wants one! :)

  2. Same prob with me. I saved it to desktop, but when I try to open it I get all the game files, and I don’t know which one to open. Gotta have remedial instructions for computer retards like me.
    Cory will be here this afternoon, I will get him to figure it out for us.

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