The big movie

Micah and Jackson decided to have some fun one Sunday and create a video. We love the kid history movies – if you haven’t seen them yet, they are pretty entertaining stories that grown men/brothers/friends told to their kids about their childhood. Then they had the kids retell the stories and they acted the stories their kids told.  Anyway, this is sort of a long the same lines except just a story Jackson made up! They sure had a great time making it! Without further ado…

Geocaching on New Years

I took the kids to the Riperian Preserve near our house to geocache on New Years. It was their first time and they really liked finding treasure. Thanks Santa for getting me a cool GPS device.

Fall Break

We headed up to the cabin for fall break and had lots of fun with all the cousins! Lacey and Anna are now best friends almost all the time. Its so nice to have them play nicely together!

Even Rachelle had a great time and enjoyed all the attention. Jackson had a blast with the older boys and all the boys his age – he was in heaven. I think he went through some withdrawals when he came home.  I remembered the camera but not the memory card – so I just have a couple pictures from my sister of the girls. We did have the video camera though so I got some video from the race track Jackson’s been asking to go to when we’re up there. It was so fun – he loved having McKay drive with him and Micah had a great time in his speedster car (he became a kid again when he got in that car) and Lacey said she had a good time too.

Go Cheetahs

Our first soccer game was a success. Almost all the players were able to score and the kids really enjoyed getting in there and playing. I was curious to see which kids would really get it and some of them actually surprised me. Sarah got a couple of Jackson’s goals on video. I was proud of Jackson and our whole team. The Polar Bears didn’t have a chance against our lean mean goal scoring machines. This league is interesting for this age group. Games are 3 v 3 with no goalie. Our team actually divides into two teams and plays simultaneously on two fields. Combined, our ten players scored 25 goals! It was fun and we’re looking forward to more games and practices.

Disneyland Day 1

Disneyland is more fun as a parent of little kids. Everything is amazing to them. They loved almost every ride they went on and wanted to go again and again. They couldn’t comprehend that there were many more things to do and see. We did dumbo twice, teacups 4-5 times, Jackson did Autopia 4 times and Toy Story Midway twice. When we asked him what is favorite was though it was Soarin California where he got to fly! Lacey loved meeting princesses and especially Cinderella. She’s her favorite.
Here are some highlights.