Growing up!

Wow – 24 days old! I still feel like she is brand new – at the same time, it feels like she’s been apart of our family for forever! We love our little Rachelle. Thank you to everyone who has helped us so much! We are so grateful – my recovery has gone pretty well and I’m sure its because I was able to get a lot of rest the first week or two. It’s been nice to know and feel at ease that Jackson and Lacey have been well taken care of and very happy.  Jackson and Lacey adore Rachelle. Jackson loves to just look at her and say “she’s so cute, Mom.” Lacey just always wants to be next to her or holding her or touching her. She loves to help her sister. She tells me all the time, ” That’s my sisser” and “she my frien.” I hope that sticks – I’m sure they’ll be friends like only sisters can be :)

I think Jackson took this picture

Rachelle is a sweet little baby. She sleeps pretty well. Last night was about 11:00ish to 4:15. Not too shabby, some nights are better than others. She is very content most of the time especially if someone is holding her. She’s been a lot more alert the past two weeks – a lot more awake time. I love how she studies our faces now. Jackson loves to get his face close to hers and watch her look at him. He says, “She’s thinking, What in the world? Is that my brother!?!” I love our one on one time together, usually in the evenings after Jackson and Lacey have gone to bed. I love how cuddly and content she is after nursing. I love to watch her drift off to sleep. I love to watch her sleep – there’s something so sweet and tender about a sleeping baby.

Today is Jackson’s b-day! Here’s a few pictures of the birthday boy, and how he’s been spending the day. More details to come on that later – the baby is calling!