Jack-o-Lantern in a Jar

Jackson wanted to give something to his Kindergarten teacher so I decided to make some sugar cookies I had seen.  The idea was to make cookies in the shape of jack-o-lantern parts.  Here is the recipe I used.

The frosting is very thin and is applied with squeeze bottles.

Then I got some orange plates and added stems.

You can then mix and match the cookies to make silly faces.

Haunted Dinners and the rest of Halloween

We’ve been so excited for Halloween for a long time here, so I decided I would get a little creative for the week before Halloween and see if I could get the kids to eat. Well, the snake sandwich was the first and favorite of the creative Halloween dinners, but they weren’t too crazy about  the others. I forgot to get a picture of the mummy pizza, I was really surprised they wouldn’t eat much of  that one, they LOVE pizza usually.  Oh well, at least I had fun getting to be a little creative with these. I may just start mixing in a fun dinner like this here and there into our regular routine.

Here are a few pictures of the kids in their costumes. We had a busy Halloween weekend. Pumpkin carving on friday night, we had Jackson’s soccer game Saturday morning and the excitement of bringing the snacks to that, a party at Micah’s coworkers house, the ward trunk-or-treat and a block party.  Hmmm, it felt busier than it sounds. Jackson was a storm trooper again (he loves to the gun that goes with it), Lacey was going to be Cinderella and has dressed up in the dress a few times, but decided last minute to be a monkey instead. Actually, we could hardly get her to keep a costume on. Rachelle was going to be the little puppy dog, its the costume we’ve dressed the others up in when they were this age, but a friend bought a little ladybug costume for her and it was very cute, but the only picture I got of her is the one below – with no wings or booties. The poor girl was partied out!

We hope you had a Happy Halloween!

2010 Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners

First.  Big thank you to everyone who came out and participated.  We had a blast.  I’m already looking forward to next year.  We had some really good pumpkins this year.  Here are the top 3 winners.

1st Place Parker & Hali

2nd Place Preston & Rachel

3rd Place Micah & Sarah

I didn’t get clear pictures of all the pumpkins but here are a few of the others.  Sorry if you don’t see yours here. It doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.

EXTRA BONUS:  Jackson carved a pumpkin today.  He also designed it.

PS – Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pumpkins on craftbattles.com