Lacey’s “Happy To You!”

Lacey had a fabulous birthday! She woke up early and Micah took her out to breakfast. It sounded like they had a pretty good time. When they came home, Jackson and I sneaked out and picked up some balloons – we brought them back and yelled, “Happy Birthday!!!” when we gave them to her – Jackson had it all planned out. Lacey opened a few presents in the morning and got a little mermaid doll from grandma and a swimsuit from us… and then she wanted to go swimming! So we packed up after lunch and swam at the YMCA. She had a blast! I wish I didn’t forget my camera. We all took a rest when we got home, then had pizza and cake and ice cream for dessert. After baths a few of her favorite people came over with a few more presents to open. We let her take her toys into her room last night at bedtime since she had such a good nap, and she played with them for quite a while before falling asleep.
We love our Lacey-girl! She is a sweet sister and adores her brother and baby. She is full of energy and keeps us laughing – she loves to be funny! I am so grateful to have her in our family!

Happy Birthday To You Lacey Girl!

Little Hair cut

Lacey’s hair had grown so long… but only in the back, so we decided it was time for Lacey’s first hair cut to even things out a little. We took her down to Jackson’s favorite place, where they give you a dum-dum after they’re done. She sat very still and was very good. Jackson was able to get his hair cut too in the chair right next to Lacey and they both liked that. Then at the end, they chose their suckers and we were on our way!  Here are the best before and after shots I could get of Lacey:

p.s. – don’t worry, we didn’t lose the curls, she just doesn’t like to spend that much time on her hair.

We’ve got a nut!

A couple days ago I tried to put Lacey down for a nap. She usually takes a nap about 3 times a week now, but I still give her a chance to nap every day. On this particular day I laid her down and heard her talking, playing, and screaming like she usually does. After about 20 minutes, she started screaming “I stuck in here!” over and over!  I decided to check it out. I thought maybe she crawled under her little toddler bed and got her head stuck (she did that one time a while ago). I walked in and I couldn’t see her. She was quiet at this point, so I began to look around. She had taken all the clothes out of her closet and thrown them on the ground (as usual), but there was still something on the shelf … Lacey!
She was laying there stuck on the shelf!
Well, yesterday we skipped naps because of church, but today I tried to get her down for a nap again. She screamed and screamed, and I went in about a million times to get her off the shelf and put her back in bed. Finally it was quiet, I poked my head in to check on her, and she wasn’t on the floor or in her bed… she had fallen asleep on the shelf! Great! Now I had to decide whether I move her (which would probably wake her up), or take the chance of her falling off the shelf and getting hurt. So I decided to move her and of course she woke up, but quickly fell back to sleep in my arms. As soon as I laid her down she woke up but I decided to let her scream and see if she would go back to sleep. Not too long after, it was quiet again. Again I poked my head in, guess where she had fallen asleep? ON THE SHELF!!! You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, I turned a movie on for Jackson, gave him a couple cookies and milk, and I decided the girl needed sleep since she didn’t sleep Saturday or Sunday. So she slept on the shelf while I sat by her to catch her when she fell…which she did about 20 minutes later, and she wasn’t too happy because it woke her up! I caught her, sat with her until she fell back to sleep, then laid her back in bed, and she woke up! Dang! So we went out and watched the movie with Jackson… so much for nap time!  What a funny girl… she is so full of her own personality and ideas! Her favorite phrase right now is “I DO IT!” (forcefully) and “I DID IT!”


She doesn’t let Jackson get away with anything.


Here she displays her eye shadow done with washable markers.

Gardening Fail!

We’re not quite prepared for a major disaster. Let’s just say if we had to grow our own food the upside would be that we would lose weight. We joined a pumpkin growing contest of a friend and things were going pretty good for a couple weeks then the heat came. Our poor pumpkin plants couldn’t take the 116 degree temperatures and this is what happened. I had such high hopes of growing a massive pumpkin. Maybe next year we’ll start earlier and get a shade or something.IMG_4794
At least we can grow cute kids. We just won’t be able to feed them.
PS – The dress Lacey is wearing was Sarah’s when she was a little girl.

Oh what do you do in the summertime?


Do you have long scary fingers?

Does your dad dress you up in your brothers clothes?

Do you spin kids in a chair?
Do you wear a cute apron?

Do you play in the shade because the other rocks are too hot?

Do you make a cool rocket launcher and launch some great rockets?


(Sorry it doesn’t rhyme, I’m really not that creative… well, actually I didn’t want to spend that much time thinking about it!)