One Month – Who’s Who?

Not too hard to tell apart, right?

I started this post quite a while ago, but we haven’t been able to get a picture of Shell where she didn’t start crying or make a weird face – she really doesn’t like the camera!  She smiled for the first time last Sunday, but she’s not just giving them out to anyone…we’ve only seen her smile once or twice since then. We probably won’t be able to capture it on camera for quite some time I’m sure!

Baby Rachelle

Here’s our precious little girl! She is the sweetest little baby. She was born March 1st about 6:15 AM. Everything went really well. I was surprised at how fast the surgery went and recovery has been pretty smooth.
We had the hardest time naming her… the name tag on the hospital bassinet was Rachel. None of the names we had thought about were really fitting, and even though Rachel was my go-to name if nothing else fit,  it just didn’t sound right as I kept hearing the nurses call her that. They gave us until 2:00 the day we were leaving to turn in the birth certificate worksheet, and it took us until the last minute to write in the name.

We love our sweet baby Rachelle!!!


Baby Names

3 weeks to go and still no name chosen.  We need your help. Edit: I (Micah) got it wrong.  Rianna is supposed to be Riana.  and Sierra is supposed to be Cierra?

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