Back to School and Micah’s Birthday Surprise

Summer break always ends too fast! Come on – we are going back to school way too early in August. We were all excited for the meet the teacher night. Jackson is in second grade and has Mrs. Long. Lacey is in Kindergarten and has Mrs. Carpenter. That was a fun night, but reality sets in about a week after school starts and although school creates a simple regimen to life, I’m still not convinced that I like it. I know, I’ve been fighting this battle since I was 5 :) Jackson seems happy and is doing very well in his class this year. Lacey is doing fine, but doesn’t want to go most days. She has become pretty attached to me, which is sweet, but hard for school every day. I love that she is in half day this year. I’m grateful this is still an option here. Usually sports would have started about this same time but because we were trying to cut back a little with Micah starting his own business and we needed a little break from the busy-ness of life, we decided to only do “Let’s Play Music” classes for this semester for Jackson, Lacey, and Rachelle. It has been heaven! I love watching Jackson play sports and to give all my kids opportunities to learn new things, but really when you get home from school at 4:00, do homework, maybe have a few minutes to play, dinner, baths, bedtime comes quickly! So this has been a positive thing for us to take a break from extras this semester, with very few complaints.

For Micah’s birthday, I was feeling like we needed a quick get away. Neither of us had been sleeping very well and I thought a night away would be good. It was! Thanks to Steve, Krista, and Lincoln for taking everyone for the night! I felt especially bad about it after I found out that Krista was having morning sickness! Poor thing. Thank you so much for letting us get away for a night! So I booked us a hotel in Scottsdale, worked out babysitters, and I was sure Micah was on to me. I’ve NEVER been able to surprise him with anything. He would rather have the thrill of figuring out what I’m getting for him than be ‘surprised.’ Anyway, I was trying to decide how to let the kids in on the secret, so they understood with out them telling Micah. The night before I think I let Jackson in on the secret and I think I let Lacey know the day of. Of course she was blabbing about it the second I told her, but she said all the wrong things and Micah didn’t understand what she was talking about. I slyly packed our bag, and finally about 30 minutes before Krista and Steve came over I let Lacey tell the secret! Micah was totally confused! It was funny to see his reaction. We had a relaxing night and came back refreshed! We made a fun b-day cake for Micah’s birthday and celebrated with the kids later that night. Happy Birthday – we’re getting old!