Guess what this little girl did today? She rolled over for the first time… and then she proudly did it two more times in a row to show me how big she is! It was really cute the look on her face the 3rd time. She really looked like, “I know how to do this… first I do this, then this, then I’m on my back. Easy!” Then she forgot how to do it and she was mad!

We love little Autumn – all of us! Each of the kids have been so kind to her. We love to make her smile, and as of the past few weeks she’s been giggling and we really love that! You have to work for those giggles though and boy do the kids try hard! She gives some of the biggest grins I’ve ever seen.


She will be so happy and smiley then its like  we flip a switch and she’s upset! Its kinda funny.

Everyone comments on Autumn’s chubby cheeks – each of our babies have had great chubby cheeks (where on earth do they get those from?;o)  I thought she may be a little different because she started out smaller… she’s actually only 69th percentile for weight, which is smaller than they others, but when we went in for her 4 month check up the doctor looked at her and said, “Wow, those are some chubby cheeks for such a normal weight!” What can I say, we are blessed with chubby cheeks! I love kissing these cheeks though and seeing her sweet little smiles when I do.

I am thoroughly enjoying little Autumn. She has a sweet personality and is starting to figure so many things out.

 She watches everything move around her. If we ever have the TV on her eyes are glued to it unless we distract her. She watches things move, but still isn’t great at grabbing them. She loves to hold on to fingers though. She likes a pacifier, but she doesn’t love it like the others did, and she sucks on her fingers most of the time instead of a binky. I think she prefers me to Micah, but I guess that’s typical for babies. Somehow by about 2:00 AM every night she ends up in our bed and then she sleeps in in our bed ’til 8:30. I never thought I would have a baby sleep in my bed, but man, its nice to get some sleep while I feed her. To be honest, in a way I feel like I’m more in tune with her, and I wonder if  it that may have something to do with it. She’s getting to the point where its harder to get her to fall asleep, oh the little baby days are drifting quickly! I love watching this darling baby grow up, but I sure wish it would slow down!

We love when we get to visit Mama and Papa great. We love them and they are so kind and loving to each of us. Even with so many grandchildren and great grandchildren we are treated individually and are loved almost as if we are the only ones. It is such a privilege for my children to know Mama and Papa and to know they are so loved by their great grandparents.  Thanks to Melissa for getting this great picture! It is precious to me and will be forever.





2 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Sarah,

    I know what you mean about a smiley, happy baby one minute and a very upset, crying baby the next. Penny has thrown us for a loop on that. I think maybe it is a girl thing?

  2. Seriously – its crazy! I’m not sure about it being a girl thing, I don’t remember my others being that way, but maybe I just forget! Its crazy how fast she goes from happy to screaming! I’m glad to hear I’m not in this boat alone!

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