Autumn Rose

We love this sweet little girl. I caught this picture last night… I know its a little blurry, but I love the sweet innocence of a sleeping baby. It is so precious to me!

A couple nights ago I was so overwhelmed with gratitude for my sweet new baby and my 3 sweet children that love her SO dearly. I couldn’t help but thank my Heavenly Father for these greatest blessings and yet I still felt that my thanks to Him were inadequate for the joy I feel.

We have felt so grateful for all the love and help we’ve received from family and friends! In the hospital as I was getting prepped to go back to the operating room someone who worked there came in and asked if I would need any help or assistance with other children when I left the hospital. I was grateful to say that we have family and friends that are helping us.  Since then I’ve thought again and again about how much harder it would be to have a baby without everyone’s support. Thank you, Thank you! My heart is overfilled with gratitude!  Happy Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “Autumn Rose

  1. Finally! Some pics. Super cute. Love her name and she is a little duplicate of all of them! So happy for you!

  2. I have been waiting for this. She is my birthday sister after all!

    She is beautiful. I can’t wait to kiss those cheeks.

    Glad all is going well!

    Lots of love.

  3. We are so happy for your new little addition. Can’t wait to meet her.

    We sure love you!

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