All about Lacey

So this year of preschool has been quite interesting! I’ve seen Lacey grow up quite a bit in her communication and her ideas about other people. She loves being at school with the other kids, but she kinda just does her own thing when she wants to. Her teacher thought it was adorable and loved Lacey, but I am a little worried for what her elementary school days will bring! I’m thinking for sure a lot of socializing and we’ll see about the school work! Lacey still has one more year of preschool, so I’m sure she will mature a little more and do just great. Lacey learned to write the L and the Y in her name. She is so proud of the L’s and Y’s she could care less about the rest. She is a funny girl and loves the drama of human interaction! Most days she’ll come home and tell me a story like this: “Kiersten did this and so Riley was sad and then I told Kiersten to not do that and so she was mad at me and that made me feel bad.” and the stories go on and on. Usually they all end up being friends in the end. She is a bit of a public defender. She has a very playful and funny/ outrageous side to her that is hilarious! She says the weirdest and silliest things! She doesn’t really know how to be quiet – she can hardly whisper, it’s pretty funny to think about right now, but in the moment at church when you’ve told her a million times to use a whisper voice and everyone in the rows right around us is hearing her latest made up “knock, knock” joke that usually includes the word toilet it doesn’t feel funny! She doesn’t like to get sweaty, have her hair done, or have sticky/ messy hands. She will hardly eat anything with syrup because she hates being sticky. Miss Heidi would laugh as she told me Lacey would wash her hands a million times during their art projects because she couldn’t stand the mess. We were so grateful that Miss Heidi would teach and love Lacey. Lacey had a great year. Lacey was a key role in their final mommy show: she got to be the fairy in “Little Bunny Foo Foo.” Here’s her performance:


Lacey also got her hair cut in the end of April… she LOVES it! I don’t think she will ever go back to long hair. She keeps telling me how cute everything thinks it is. She is so fun!

Lace has been taking a little dance class all semester and they had their recital in the end of April. It was so cute how excited she was about the costume, but she LOVED being up in front of everyone! I wasn’t sure if she knew the dance very well and every time I’d try to work on it with her she told me she already knew it. Well, apparently she knew it! (skip to 3:44 if it doesn’t start there)

I love my spunky and fun little Lacey!

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  1. Great year for Lacey. Loved the little Dance recital. And what is wrong with being a little social at school??? some us think we have great ideas to share!!!!

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