All About Christmas!

We had a great Christmas break the past few weeks. Micah took quite a bit of time off work and we all were able to get a lot done, relax and enjoy the time we had with each other. It was so nice. I am so grateful to have had all of his help as I’ve been getting back into the swing of things. He has been a great diaper changer, entertainer, errand runner, dinner maker, etc, etc, etc over the past several weeks! I’m picking up some slack now but I really have appreciated the time I’ve had to recover and get used to having a new baby in the mix. We’ve had a lot of fun throughout December with our elf, Jimmy Jingle, who would surprise us every morning with something fun (ingredients to make pancakes, blanket forts, stacked chairs, donuts, etc).

We miss Jimmy – the kids were so excited to wake up in the morning with him and now they slowly saunter out of bed again. We drove around a few times looking for Christmas lights and light shows. We tried to do random acts of kindness every day (which was pretty fun and successful) and this year we found a great garden train house to visit that was a fun Christmas bonus.

Christmas Eve took place at Mamama’s and Papa-dad’s house. When we arrived we had just missed the excitement – but could still smell the evidence. The house was set up so nicely for dinner and there were candles next to some poinsettias as the centerpieces. One of the little candles somehow caught the wrapping of the poinsettias on fire which then started the table cloth on fire. Luckily, it was caught quickly and the poinsettias and tablecloth were the only losses! We ate a DELICIOUS dinner with beef tenderloin, rolls, salad, fruit, etc. There were crackers and dip and cookies, and a delicious mint ice cream dessert. After eating and playing for a little bit we had our Christmas nativity. I love seeing all the little ones dressed up and its so fun to listen to all the little voices singing along. We came home and opened pajamas and then got the kids in bed.

Getting ready for the nativity.


Rachelle hung out with Robyn during the Nativity.

Lacey and Jackson.

Santa brought a trampoline for the family and Jimmy Jingle left a doll house he had built for the family. Both gifts are enjoyed very much! Autumn got a little musical toy for the car, Chelle got a cute baby doll, Lacey got walkie talkies, Jackson got “guess who” and a little submarine. Each got some clothes.  I think everyone came away happy. That morning we ate breakfast, opened gifts from Santa, and then got dressed and Micah and the three oldest went to church. Then when they came home there were a few presents under the tree for them to open from cousins and we finally showed them the trampoline.

Our converted bookshelf.

We’ve talked over and over about baby Jesus with Jackson, Lacey and Rachelle and it was a neat feeling to have a new baby during this time. I’ve been able to reflect a little on how Mary must have felt. I have a lot of questions for her… I want to know what she was thinking about and what kind of a baby little Jesus was! I can’t imagine how it felt to have a baby in a manger in those circumstances. Wow – she was amazing.  I’m so grateful for her, and especially for Jesus, who has given us a path to follow and has done so much for us. The more I read and think about Him, the more I know that its true. It really was a fun and exhausting Christmas for all of us.